Although, they are generally made for a long-term use, eventually toilets need some repair or refurbishment done from time to time. Not only it will give a fresher look but it will also identify some problems when they appear so you can call a professional to come and fix it before it gets worse. Before you call a Red Deer plumber here some issues that happen with regular use which can serve as a good reason for a general checkup:

1. Running toilet

“Running toilet” is a familiar term used to denote the issue of having water constantly flowing from the toilet tank to the bowl. Putting water bill charges aside, this is a problem which needs immediate attention before you waste hundreds of liters of water and cost yourself a fortune.

Usually it is the flapper which causes the issue, so the simplest solution is to try wiggling the flapper valve to fix the seal if it became loose – if the toilet starts running again, the best solution is to replace the flapper.

2. Base water around the toilet

Toilets holds a lot of water and after each flush, around 30 liters go through it. The key feature that makes it possible are the toilet seals. Toilet seals are enduring and strong, but like everything else, they do degrade over time which, eventually, may lead to certain leaks appearing on the floor.

So, this also seeks immediate action because the longer you leave it, the worse the leak will get and the more serious damage it will cause to your bathroom.

3. Not flushing

There’s nothing worse than going to flush the toilet and end up without the familiar sound and without a toilet flush. Although this is a good indicator something is wrong, the important thing is not to panic and start messing with the toilet yourself. A toilet that cannot flush even a little will need replacement parts and a professional repair job.

4. Constant clogging

Toilets do clog and there is little we can do to stop this from ever happening. What we can do is do our best to avoid it as much as possible. In any case, it’s a common occurrence and it can have few potential reasons.  Either there is something wrong with the flushing mechanism, or a partial clog further down your pipes is the root of the problem. A weaker flush might also be guilty for part of the problem.

5. Porcelain cracks

Porcelain cracks are a major sign that your toilet needs immediate replacement. Dirt and bacteria will make cracks their new home, making cleaning rather impossible. A minor crack will easily get bigger, increasing your risk of leaks and more costly repairs down the road.

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