We all want to make certain parts of our homes specific to our family’s needs. It is such a family thing to do.  So, if you’re thinking of designing a bathroom for your children, few things would definitely come in handy. The sometimes-sad reality for us parents is that our loving kids grow quickly, so we need to make some practical design decisions that will work for your family not just now, but in the long run as well.  Preteens and teenagers spend a lot of time in the bathroom, and your tiny toddler will fill in those teen shoes sooner than expected.

Safety above all: Regardless how old or young your kids may be, safety in the bathroom should be a top priority. Be sure to have your Red Deer plumber adjusting the settings on the water heater to eliminate the danger of burns and scalds. Furthermore, add some step stools or simple grab bars to make it easier and safer for your toddler to use the toilet independently. Remember that kids tend to stick things down the drain or flush them down the toilet. You may wonder if you need a professional plumber or if you can clean your own drain. Depending on the severity you may be able to solve the issue yourself, but chances are you will need help.

Promote durability: Kids are active, boisterous, and often not careful with knobs and levers. Avoid a problem before it even arises by having your Red Deer plumber install a touch-less hands-free faucet.  Metered faucets limit the amount of water that comes from the faucet per use making sure your loved ones do not forget the faucet on.

Kid friendly design: A short bowl which is easy to access for children is always a good idea. You can always opt for a custom-made toilet seat that prevents slamming and banging once children are finished going to the bathroom.

Using bunch of colors will make the bathroom appealing for kids. Anything that will keep them busy and engaged, such as a variety of finishes will provide tactile interest. Stone tiles, polished steel, smooth wood, marble tile, and other types of surfaces can be combined in a multitude of ways to make the space unique while reflecting your family’s style at the same time.

If available, try creating a theme of the kids’ bathroom decor with unique towels, wastebaskets and bath toys and you would definitely turn into a winner. Consider an ocean, beach or animal theme. When added all together, a kid-friendly bathroom can bring shining smiles for the whole family.

Finally, don’t forget to have fun as much as possible so a basket of tub-friendly toys is a must.